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Name of Member is Suman Mukh0PADHYAY, age is 52 years and belong to Kolkata in India.
About Suman Mukh0PADHYAY: I am a 47 year old separated male looking into the possibility of a second marriage or starting a new relationship that can sustain the test of time. I am looking for a soul mate who will love me for the person that I am or rather, despite the person that I am; someone who will ignore my shortcomings and imperfections, or even adore them endearingly; someone who will be able to blend in with me and complement me. Someone who can entice me into doing things I wish to. She should ideally be around 35 years, charming, intelligent fair and at least passably good looking, if not an outright stunner! She ideally should be a postgraduate, with an innate sense of humor. She may or may not be a professional. Divorcees or separated ladies with no encumbrances are welcome. :-)

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