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Name of Member is Neal, age is 47 years and belong to Mumbai in India.
About Neal: Smart, Witty, Charming Personality, first in class through most of school. Lookin’ for some1 beautiful to an extent, at least graduated from school, who is actively looking for a good naturedand cooperative life partner with helpful attitude to each other. A sense of humour, at least a bit would be a definite plus. Height not less than 5 ft 4 and a basic fair complexion (not a must or being compulsive but being fair looking myself, it would be ideal) Finally, being an US citizen, would be moving soon there, as we have wound up the family biz here and want to startup a biz there. So I prefer some1 who’s either already into business or willing to shift to the US. Now, time 4 this basic fact, I use a wheelchair but use my legs to move about, not the hand operated type, climb on my high bed easily and having no malformations. Will be advantataged in the US where d govt provides or finances a stand-up chair ( Used to drive my car (Firebird) in the US myself, so girls who like muscle cars, coupled with a passion for fun, safe and sensible driving would definitely take home the trophy! U know what I mean, right? Well good luck to ya all n happy hunting for er.... your man !

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