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Second Marriages in India is increasing day by day

by Sunil Kumar on 2014-06-21

Second marriages in Indian are increasing by a high rate these days as compared to past time. There may be many reasons behind this; one of the main reasons is women empowerment. Women are much more aware these days as far as their rights and self respect is concerned. In earlier days women use to bear any family pressure, work load or misbehave which is not the case now. Women know how to react during all these circumstances and when there is no other option left, women think of separation and divorce which lead to second marriages.

Men are more responsible for the second marriages in these type of cases, they invoke women to think for separation and divorce. If the behavior of men with their wives is good enough to lead a happy married life then no woman will ever think of separation and divorce. Many women still remain quite despite of the quarrel in their married life and disturbance in home. The quarrel in the home may be due to the second woman in the life of husband making extra marital affairs or may be due to the financial crisis in home. But despite of all these problems, if one wants the married life can be saved because there can be so many good things also in a married life which, if taken into account, are sufficient for saving a married life and living happily.

so One must think again and again if the idea or thought of separation and divorce is coming in mind because it is very easy to get separated and divorced these days but very hard to find a good spouse or life partner again in life, there is no guarantee of the new spouse how he or she is?!

We hope after reading this blog post, people must rethink upon their decision of getting separated and divorced which lead to a second marriage finally

About Author: Author is a social activist and working for a NGO related to women empowerment

Second Marriage was not an easy task for both men and women few years back near 1980s, slowly it made its recognition in society when widow marriage and divorced marriage started becoming a need and people started of thinking about remarriage to live their life happily. Then slow the society as well started thinking of second marriage of divorcees, widows and widowers. But the re marriage of a widow was still not happily accept by people till 1990s. At My Second Marriage.com, we are making a attempt to eliminate all such old biases and trying to provide an advanced and effective platform for individuals seeking remarriage to start a new life. My Second Marriage.com is one of the No. 1 second matrimonial sites for Indians looking for a second marriage. So, whether you are divorced or widowed or someone looking to start late in life, try this website once and start the new life and bring more and more happiness in your life. This web portal is 100% Free and will remain the same life long.

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