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Security & Safety Tips for Safe & Secure Matrimonial Search

For a secure and safe online materimonial search, MySecondMarriage.com strongly recommends the following security and safety tips which must be followed while searching life partner online and before contacting or meeting any member for searching a life partner and we expect that you must be following these safety tips during the use of website and before contacting any member for searching life partner:

1. Never believe a person straight away, talk to him on Mobile Phone, Do a video chat at first level and get their details about character, behavior, social status, past background, intentions, financial status and residential address verified by your best means or with the help of some external agency before dealing or meeting any person. Never meet any person alone at his place, insist on meeting along with your family members on a public place first.

2. Never ever give money to any person, Dont not every enter into a financial deal or offer with any person.

3. You can easily recognize such fraud people and stay away from them. Such people generally claim to be living abroad and mostly target women who are past their prime marriageable age, divorcees, widows and women anxious to settle down quickly. Such people don't show their face and won't come on video chat. They may even use somebody else's photos on their profile. They win over you through sweet talks and false promises. Later they ask for money making up false stories like being stuck at the airport, lost credit cards and wallet, met with a sudden accident or someone is critically ill at home.. In some cases, they say they want to send you money to settle down in India and later someone calls saying it is stuck at customs and need money to release the same. Fraudsters usually ask for single transfer of large sums. Some start with small amounts and follow up with requests for large sums. Use your own wisdom, Anybody asking you for money is in all probability a fraudster.

4. Avoid those people who are not Are not willing to show their face, reluctant to come on video chat, profile photo may not theirs, reluctant to meet in persons. Such people may be fraud stay away from them.

5. Stay away to those people who May not have social profile or have few friends on social media. Such people may be fraud.

6. You can easily have an idea of a fraud person before contacting or meeting him/her. The following type of person may be fraud who:

(i) Hesitate to share family deatils/ workplace details.

(ii) Express "love" too quickly even before fully understanding each other.

(iii) The profile looks too good to be true for that person to express interest to you.

(iv) call you from multiple numbers. They usually don't give a number to call back. Even if they give a number, they don't pick up when you call. Later, they call you back from a new number.

(v) only give Whats-App* number and prefers to exchange whats-App* numbers, because they know Whats-App* keeps on working even on very old closed numbers.

(vi) Sound inconsistent or confusing when you ask for personal details

(vii) is in a mad rush for early marriage, without a valid reason.

(viii) Request you for deletion of your matrimonial ad profile immediately after getting in touch with you.

(ix) Ask for your email, user name/ password or credit card/ bank account details

(x) Come up with false stories to gain your sympathy

(xi) talk about business and giving you greedy financial deal or lottery prize.

We request you to stay away such people for your safety and report us immediately about any such person, if you see on this website or had such incident, by using “Report this Profile” link on his/her matrimonial ad profile in this Website with writing complete details. So that we can remove his/ her matrimonial Ad profile from Website and strict action can be taken against that person.

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Every one has right to live happy in this world and to have life partner as a friend in life. To give the life a second chance is a good thought in the modern era. People who lost their spouse in the middle of life due to death or divorce should try to find a new life partner. Life is for living to its full so why not give it a chance again. Most of the times the second marriage is most successful than the first one because both partners know the value of marriage and their life partners and therefore settle down their differences very easily. At this Free Matrimonial Ad portal an attempt has been made to help people looking for second marriage.

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